Richmond County Gunsmithing, LLC
Hamlet, North Carolina, 28345
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12/7/2014 - Our new pricing schedule is out for 2015 as well as our new flyer.  We've eased up on our quoting policy for smaller jobs.  So the current policy of no longer giving phone quote is hereby suspended. But please, do not ask us to diagnose your broken firearm over the phone.  Without seeing it, it's just a guess. (Would your doctor do that?? :-)  )  

12/6/14 - We post often to Facebook with current articles and photos of completed work, simply because it's faster and easier.

2/29/13 - We've had to change policy on giving repair estimates. Starting Jan. 1st 2014, We will no longer give repair/maintenance/upgrade
quotes over the phone, on FaceBook or via email. 

All quotes will be given upon physical inspection of the firearms with a $25.00 non-refundable estimate fee paid up front. Firearms must be brought into the shop and left overnight, we will no longer give same day estimates.

If the repair/maintenance/upgrade is then authorized the $25.00 will be credited towards the work. Depending on the work to be performed, we may require an additional deposit to be taken for parts procurement. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we have had a rash of emails and phone calls in recent weeks where potential customers were "phone shopping" for free advice, some calling for as long as 45 minutes wanting free diagnostic and troubleshooting advice on their firearms. We can no longer accommodate this practice. Thank you, RCG

12/29/13 -  Our new sales policy effective 1/1/2014 - Please note: Certain third party web sites have us listing firearms for sale at our dealer  cost. This is an error. We cannot sell you a firearm at this price. If you contact us we will phone quote you a fair markup on these firearms. No surprises. This is not "bait and switch".
All quotes for new firearms sales  will be done over the phone only. We will quote you a fair honest price, on brand new firearms unless stated otherwise, which includes  shipping, handling and and CC fee's. All firearms purchases must be paid in full up front. 
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